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I have come across these products and now I love them. If you would like to purchase them, drop me a line and click on the button love it, shop it.


rosequartz and amethyst & silver-color lotus charm (6mm pearls) 14$

aventurin (green) or howlite (white 6mm) 12$

labradorite (grey 4mm/no charm) 14$

Malas to go with 3 silver pearls and 81 small pearls of

moonstone (4mm) 30$

All malas are custom made, let me know which gemstone/style you love.. and you get your special one..

Linden Leaves/Neuseeland

Body Oil 60ml CHF 24.-

Organic Hand Cream - divana /Bangkok

Queen of the Night (glory age defy)

Rayavedic Rose (pure-fume purify)

Mango Mantra (mega vitamin collagen)

White Orchid Holistic (chakra brighten)

Amrita Jasmine (immortal rejuvenate)

30g $12.-

80g $28.-