exploring in paradise

Hi, I am Sarah and I wonder about whether living in paradise is the ultimate goal, the place to be or if the journey of life is the true destination?

I guess it is both, the journey is the destination, too. As a globetrotter, the more I travel and explore the world, the more I am convinced that the journey of life is my vision and not the destination alone.

Travelling has been part of my life since a was a teenage girl. Travelling by train through Europe is one of my first memoriesI recall of travlling big. That is how my way of personal Serenity Style was born.

Since graduating from high school in 1999 I have taken off to many destinations as an air hostess. And even during my studies of Communication, Social Anthropology and English Literature at Universität Zürich and Freie Universität Berlin (2001-2008) and while being abroad for practical work experience in Australia and Germany the quest to explore new territories and cultures was paramount. Travelling has inspired me ever since and that is the reason why I am still backpacking these days. And I love it!

Much of the experience, moments that made me fly or the ones that grounded me have evoked the interest of inner work and the search for my true soul. Hence studying at Coaching Center Berlin to become an Integral Coach (2014/15) as well as doing a Yoga Teacher Training (2017) to be a yoga teacher (RYT200) shows the consistent development of my exploring. 

And now? Now, I see myself following my path in doing more than "just" attending and manage a flight. I want to run free my passions and be an inspiration for more serenity style in life, so style yourSELF serene!